Limerick Dock Approaches

Shannon Foynes Port Company asked Geomara to provide accurate seabed survey of the navigation channel in critical areas on the transit from Shannon Airport to Limerick.

Aerial photograph of the river Shannon downstream from Limerick Dock

Geomara utilised our survey boat Dolphin and our Teledyne Reson T50R multibeam system to produce high resolution bathymetric data. Slipways are scarce along the Shannon in this area in part due to the large tidal range. Efficiency in data collection around the high water mark is critical and the Reson system allows for the perfect balance between swath width and accuracy.

Shoalest ssoundings outside the dock gate.

The results from the survey were later utilised by the United Kingdom Hydrographic office to produce a new edition of the Admiralty chart for the area. We look forward to the publication of the chart and are proud to have contributed data used in its composition.

We recently returned to Limerick at the behest once again of Shannon Foynes Port Company and completed a bathymetric survey of Limerick Dock. The point cloud data from the survey beautifully captured the micro topography of the dock floor but also captured high resolution details of the dock walls.

Grid model of the survey results from Limerick Dock
Point Cloud Image of a portion of the southern dock wall .