Hydrographic survey is a fundamental competency of Geomara. Our hydrographic survey staff are IHO certified, competent and experienced in the use of most multibeam and interferometric systems.  Equipment communication protocols, data acquisition, and processing software, as well as peripherals including INS, MRU’s and SVP’s, are also areas where our staff are particularly efficient.

In tandem with our multibeam systems, Geomara have invested heavily in marine positioning and navigation capabilities with various RTK and subscription DGPS systems now available.

We believe the best way of keeping up to date in this fast moving and technical field is to provide our staff with regular training in both hardware and software as part of our comprehensive CPD programme.

Point Cloud Data of a Wind Turbine base from the Robin Rig Windfarm. The data shows the scour pattern and the attempted scour protection. Data acquired with our Reson T50R and Processed with PDS.
Point cloud data from a project for Yorkshire Water. The image clearly shows the pipe and the pipe weights and the disturbed pipe weights.