Ghana MTK Engineering

Geomara were contacted by MTK Engineering In Ghana in order to conduct reprocessing of some crucial bathymetric survey data. MTK Engineering also looked to Geomara to provide quality analysis of the data and also to provide an answer for the slight nonalignment between two different datasets.

Results of Difference model between SBES dataset and Fugro 2013 data

The above dataset comparison shows a median difference of 0.1m and a mean difference of 0.12m, with a standard deviation of 0.1m. This difference can be accounted for by the fact that one is comparing a low-frequency single-beam sonar system with a multibeam sonar system. The low-frequency sonar system will have the potential to partially penetrate soft sediments this providing the bottom detection difference.

Figure Difference model between MTK SBES &Fugro MBES based on LAT