Applanix Training

Geomara believe the best way of keeping up to date in the fast moving and technical field of hydrography is to provide our staff with regular training in both hardware and software as part of our comprehensive CPD programme.

Acting on this commitment we organised a two day course in all things GPS and INS related for our team this January. The course was delivered remotely by Nick Smart from Applanix. Day 1 focused on some GNSS and INS theory which was followed by a presentation on Applanix /POSMV. Day 2 focused on RTK integration with POSPac Go and also singlebase, smartbase and PPRTX solutions using POSPac. There was also time for the participants to process some real data and to interrogate all of the trouble shooting features in POSPac.

Nick provided a great course which was perfectly adapted to our particular use case. He also allowed for lots of questions and discussion. The Geomara team were joined on the course by two surveyors from XOCEAN. The online environment worked really well and Nick got loads of really positive feedback from all the participants.

We have already been putting our new knowledge and skills to the test on a number of surveys in the UK. The training has given the team greater confidence and has allowed us to optimise the use we get from the Applanix suite of solutions and software.