Exciting 2020!

It has been an exciting 2020!

Geomara started the year building on our relationship with XOCEAN. We provided piloting and processing services on a number of exciting projects including surveys in Azerbaijan, Canada, Norway, The Isle of Man and many other locations around the UK coast. Our pilots have gained great experience in a wide range of conditions and types of projects ranging from very nearshore coastal surveys, to offshore windfarm condition surveys, to pipeline route surveys, to offshore data harvesting missions.

XOCEAN USV surveying off the coast of Scotland

On the processing side Geomara’s IHO certified surveyors have slotted seamlessly into XOCEAN data cleaning workflows using Qimera from QPS. Investment in training from QPS in January really paid dividends. The workflows are ever evolving and a range of manual cleaning and automated filtering is used depending on data type and quality and also on differing deliverable specifications.

Qimera Version 2.0.0

We look forward to developing the relationship with XOCEAN further as the world slowly learns to deal with the COVID 19 pandemic.