Offshore Windfarm Essential Surveys 2020

With our partners in Norfolk Marine we had a very busy summer delivering Essential Offshore Windfarm condition surveys for our clients in the UK. Our team of IHO qualified surveyors have delivered quality data from surveys on Robin Rigg, Humber Gateway, Scroby Sands and Rampion Offshore Windfarms.

Our Teledyne Reson T50R MBES was upgraded to 1024 true beams which aided efficiency in terms of acquiring dense point cloud data in sometimes challenging conditions. The experienced crew from Norfolk Marine mean that line keeping and planning is efficient. The ability to road transport the Norfolk Swift means that short weather windows can be optimized. These operational efficiencies along with a team of experienced surveyors meant we were able to complete full site condition surveys back to back across the summer months.

We have implemented changes in our processing workflows, which has resulted in getting quality data to our clients in useful formats with quicker timelines. Geomara have again invested heavily in software and training. We also have plans in place to overhaul our data storage and backup systems. This is needed to deal with the increased volumes of data but also to provide our clients with increased confidence in terms of data security and ease of access.

3D Model and Profiles of an Offshore wind turbine

We set ourselves a goal in Geomara for 2020 of creating increased value for our clients from the data we collect. With that in mind we have developed the ability to create 3D models from our cleaned and processed point cloud data which can be easily shared with teams without the need for large data transfers or expensive proprietary software. We hope to develop this value add proposition further and have some exciting projects lined up with the Special Projects Team at Robin Rigg Offshore windfarm.