Finn Delaney

Managing Director

Finn took over as managing director of Geomara in January 2018. Finn is an IHO qualified Hydrographic surveyor. He has managed Geomara’s role on large-scale projects including the Dublin Port, Term Dredging Survey contract, Multi-annual Fleet wide OWF Bathymetric surveys for E.ON and The Grand Harbour Valetta Surveys for Transport Malta.

Finn has also developed, implemented and maintains Geomara’s ISO 9001 approved Quality Management System. He has overhauled Geomara’s tendering, project specification and client liaison process.

Barry Vine

Data Management and Project Surveyor

Barry Vine is a competent and experienced international Hydrographer (IHO Cat A) with 25+ years’ experience in the marine and hydrographic field globally. He has proven expertise in all facets of hydrographic surveying including data acquisition, processing, planning and project management and extensive knowledge of IHO order surveys including charting and the requirements for navigation charting and the oil and gas industry.

Robert Fabjanowicz

Boat Driver and Maintenance

Robert is an experienced boat builder and sailor. He ran his own boat repairs and maintenance business in Galway. Robert acts as Geomara’s skipper and pilots our road transportable survey boat the Dolphin. He is also tasked with looking after our workshop and all of our equipment maintenance.

Robert has a keen interest in surveying and hydrography and hopes to develop his skillsets with Geomara through our CPD programme over the coming years.

Keith Counihan

Hydrographic Surveyor (IHO Cat B)

Keith is an associate hydrographic surveyor with Geomara and has been responsible for data acquisition and processing on a number of our windfarm and port infrastructure survey projects.

Before undertaking his hydrographic training with Skilltrade and recieving his IHO Cat B certification Keith worked for many years as a commercial diver. Keith brings a wealth of marine experience to Geomara and to our clients.

Mark Kelly

Marine Archaeologist

Mark is an associate marine archaeologist with Geomara. He has managed numerous marine archaeological projects for Geomara since 2010 including the preparation of pre planning reports and marine dredge monitoring.

Mark is also the director of the School of Irish Archaeology.